Carpet/Tile Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


A proper hot-water extraction, your carpet will feel fresh and soft again.  Utilizing high temperature truck mounted equipment, your carpet will be dry quickly. We use non-toxic chemicals and offer specialized spot treatment for those difficult stains.

Tile/Grout Cleaning


Tile and grout can often be overlooked, with high pressure steam, making the dirt and grim disappear will have your flooring look brand new.

Long Term Protection


We offer top rated protective coatings that can help repel dirt and oils from your newly cleaned floors.

Allergy Reduction


Whether its pet dander or dust mites, allergy relief may be on its way with professional cleaning.

Extend the Life


Did you know your carpet warranty is directly affected not only how often you clean but also who cleans it?  Each manufacturer requires regular cleaning based on use and pets as well as approved methods and chemicals.

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